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Base maintenance

Solinair is able to provide Base Maintenance services in two (2) hangars with four (4) parallel maintenance lines for regional aircraft.

With an experienced team, Solinair is able to provide on-time performance at competitive prices each time, every time.

The portfolio including Europe’s best-renowned airlines, regional and narrow-body, is a testament to our on-time performance and quality of service.

Solinair provides the following Base Maintenance Services for our customers:

  • Base Maintenance Services (A, C checks,…),
  • Structural Repairs and Modifications,
  • Modifications (ADS-B out, CPDLC,…),
  • System Troubleshooting,
  • Aircraft Storage (short, prolonged, and long term),
  • Aircraft Tear-Down,
  • Component Repairs,
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT),
  • Engineering Support, including CAMO Support,
  • Aircraft Surveys (on location),
  • AMOS/WINGS Customer System Data Entry

Base Maintenance (Aircraft type/Engine model)





(GE CF34)

*including Challenger 850


(RR Corp AE3007A)

*including Legacy 600

ATR 42-200/300

(PWC PW120)


(GE CF34)

*including Challenger 870/890


(GE CF34)

ATR 42-400/500/72-212A

(PWC PW 120)



ATR 72-100/200

(PWC PW 120)