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Our training program shall support you and fulfil the requirements and expectations of the aviation authorities.

Together with our competent instructors and partner agencies, we are able to offer training customised to your personal needs in order to provide you with the knowledge and skills required within your area of activity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific needs.


Part-66/147 Type Training 

We offer a wide variety of EASA Part-147 certified Maintenance Type Rating Courses in accordance with EASA Part-66. Our approval certificate includes General Familiarization (C), Line and Base Maintenance (B1/B2) as well as Differential Courses. These courses are conducted at our own training facility however we also offer the possibility to set up the training at your locations. We offer both, theoretical and practical elements of type trainings. Please refer to our Approval Certificate for our capabilities.

Part-66/147 Basic Training 

We offer Part-66 basic training as well. We can conduct B1 (B1.1, B1.2, B1.3), B2 and B3 basic licence training or just examination at our or at your facility.

M1 Mathematics
M2 Physics
M3 Electrical Fundamentals
M4 Electronic Fundamentals
M5 Digital Technics
M6 Materials & Hardware
M7A/M7B Maintenance Practicies
M8 Aerodynamics
M9A/M9B Human Factors
M10 Aviation Legislation
M11A/M11B/M11C Systems - structure/powerplant
M12 Helicopters
M13 Systems - avionics/electrical
M14 Propulsion
M15 Gas Turbine Engines
M16 Piston Engines
M17A/M17B Propellers




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